Network Performance

The technology platform within AmericaServes communities enables our team to see the top service categories requested in each Network and across all of our networks. This data indicates the unique needs of the local and national military-connected population, creating an evidence-based approach to serving a community’s constituents. The data provides real time snapshots of who is requesting services, where they come from within each community, and their basic demographic profile. In addition to client profiles, the technology platform provides insights into the referral outcomes – or to put simply, what happens after a match was made. Successful referrals, timeliness of referrals, and efficiency in making referrals are all key measures revealed within the technology platform.

The IPR, or In Progress Reviews, give the Coordination Centers, supported by an AmericaServes team, the opportunity to share the relevant data collected over the given time period, make insights into network health and success measures, and discuss important topics within the community. IPR’s provide an opportunity for Network members to gather and take a deep look at the important information and insights revealed from the latest quarter, look at possible correlations of service requests, supply versus demand disparities in services requests, and also assemble as colleagues to announce any important community events.