2015 NC Veterans Annual Report

Highlights of the 2014 NCDVA Annual Report include:

·         70% Growth in NC Veteran Service Locations (since 2014)

·         $1 Billion Dollar Increase in Compensation Awards to NC Veterans (since 2013)

·         #2 Nationally in Most Improved Rate of Servicing Veterans

·         #4 Nationally in Successful Claims Awards for NC Veterans

·         #8 Nationally in Veteran Population, First Time Ever


A new report released by the North Carolina’s Division of Veterans Affairs (NCDVA) shows a 70% growth in State Veteran Service locations and a 1$ billion increase in compensation awards to North Carolina Veterans since 2013.  Additionally, the report reflects Governor Pat McCrory’s mission of “Making North Carolina the Most Veteran Friendly State in America,” a mission the Governor charged the agency with two years ago.

“In 2013, Governor Pat McCrory tasked the Division to evaluate its veteran’s services and to redirect its efforts to become the “Most Veteran Friendly State in America.”  As a result the agency has achieved record setting performance and clearer transparency.  The Division of Veterans Affairs released its first ever annual report in 2013, and now in its third edition, has effectively tracked and reported on veteran trends and agency performance,” said Secretary Cornell Wilson.

According to the National Center for Veterans Statistics, 2012 marked a decline in North Carolina’s Veteran population, signaling that as the nation’s 4th largest military population, veterans just weren’t staying.  In response, Governor McCrory tasked the agency in overhauling its veteran’s services and communication efforts, to reverse the trend.

“In 2014, we operated only 13 Veterans Service Offices, today, we will have significantly increased that number to 22 by spring, all at no additional cost to tax payers.  This reflects our mission of going to where the veterans are, which includes VA medical centers and clinics,” said Ilario Pantano, the states Director of Veterans Affairs.

Based on the 2014 benchmarks, North Carolina’s Division of Veterans Affairs became more effective, efficient and transparent in 2015 with a renewed focus on customer service, training, and veterans claims processing.  The 2015 report shows the state ranked 2nd in the nation for the most improved rate of servicing veterans, 4th nationally in successful claims awards for NC Veterans, and for the first time ever has achieved the 8th highest veteran population in the country.

“Today, more services are being provided in more places for more of North Carolina’s veterans and their families than ever before,” said Governor Pat McCrory.  “If you appreciate veterans like I do, then creating a welcoming, responsive sense of care for our veterans is a must, and that’s what we are doing.”


Download the 2015 NC Veterans Annual Report here: